Liu Kuo Sung, considered by many as the father of modern Chinese ink painting, has spent more than half a century exploring and experimenting new directions in ink painting. He has dedicated himself to establishing a new style of ink painting that embodies the Chinese spirit while embracing elements of modernity. His experimentations with techniques such as "Stripping the Tendons and Peeling the Skin", water rubbings and steeped ink has revolutionized the way we look at ink paintings.


“Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Kuo Sung’s Works of Art” presents a selection of Liu’s works, ranging from 1949 to 2016 and comprises the artist’s most representative works, including  Mom, Where are You, one of his earliest works; his monumental Source; and one of his newest masterpieces, Four Seasons on the Roof of the World. This exhibition provides a complete retrospection of Liu’s creativity and explorations, revealing him to be a master of modern Chinese ink painting.

Date: 2017.4.8 (Sat) - 2017.8.8(Tue)
Hours: 9am-5pm, Tue-Sun
Opening: 2017.4.8 (Sat) 9:30am
Speech: 2017.4.8 (Sat) 10:00am-12:00am
Shandong  Museum number 12 hall




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